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Why Venti Productions?

The 'economy crisis' has been and will continue to be the engine that allows the development of new art forms. Exception and cultural diversity are traps to make us believe that culture is separated from money, that it's not conditioned on the prior financial performance, that it is a pure spirit trade, rebellious to the rules of vulgar commerce and transaction.

Thus, we believe we must look for new project production formulas, from crowdfunding to micro-patronage initiatives, to the use of new digital distribution models (not only the Internet, but also pay-per-view t.v. and DVDs). There is already a generation of young people that has grown with the Internet and the on-line movie downloads, that experience "going to the movies" as a social and convivial extraordinary event, that goes beyond watching the film. But there is also a not-so-young generation that has lost the habit of going to the movies, that has been home accommodated to watch the films when they want and the way they want.

What Kind of Movies to Do?

Without being categorical, we can say that there are commercial type of films and low budget ones, born from absolute freedom, without the pressure of an immediate profit. It is precisely the latter, the least affected by the lack of means and the one that takes the best advantage of new technology developments in order to expose their projects.

Younger generation films are moving strongly and each year there are new filmmakers who, with their works, increasingly attract new viewers and gain a foothold in the most prestigious festivals. This type of films have to coexist with the cinema industry in order to have a complete and healthy cinematography.

VENTI PRODUCCIONES believes in an independent film with 'quality', 'experimentation', 'creation', where what matters is not the budgets, but the stories and their staging.