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  • Chernobyl, Home Sweet Home
  • Moonlight Drifters

Film, for people, has always been that spectator experience space, an exhibition place for an audiovisual sequence built to impact, entertain, move, reflect.

My intention in each audiovisual project is to give back the film its essence, eliminating all superfluous effects and action. To emphasize the dramatic development of each story. I am aware that the camera is just a tool, a mental weight that should help us enter a world and discover along with the virtual spectator, the shared consciousness of a reality known to all and always, obvious and surprising.

It's about creating a new way of audiovisually understanding and imagining the own landscape and the own social life in which we are immersed every day. And also to imagine it differenttly, to dream it in a different way.

Luckily, even though Hollywood continues to have the film production monopoly, we can and we should make film from other alternatives, that despite not being that well known, they are there and because having less money to give them publicity doesn't mean that the productions have to be of lower quality.

For us there are no large or small projects, and the intention is that the quality of production and realization is not negotiable.