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  • Stephan Mussil
  • José Luis Bernal
  • Luis Enrique Carrión

Talent and comitttment are the most important resources for the performance of any team. If the human element is willing to provide his effort, organization will flow, otherwise it will stop.

Today imagination and new ideas are necessary. In order to do this, we need to be with other people who wish the same thing. Joining efforts. We realize that the camera is just a tool, a mental weight that should help us enter a world and discover along with the virtual spectator, the shared consciousness of a reality known to all and always, obvious and surprising.

VENTI PRODUCCIONES consists of a dynamic and enthusiastic team, willing to work overtime in order to take a project forward. Our team is able to take constructive criticism. In each project, we unite our efforts to benefit from the work of others, so that others benefit from ours. The successes and failures are shared. All are positive aspects of teamwork. However it is not easy. It also has difficult aspects: when we fail to understand each other. When relationships break. When projects fail. When we cannot decide what needs to be decided.

Despite all this, it is worth to nourish from the contributions of others and nurture others with our input. Building a common space, searching, investigating, finding and contributing. Breaking the boundaries and expanding our capabilities with other team members. Get to where we cannot go alone.

In VENTI PRODUCCIONES we always look forward, and use failures to learn and tackle new projects with new forces. We strongly believe in dreams, in the impossible, and especially in people who fight to achieve their dreams. We work slowly but surely.