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Patricia Venti


When I was a philology student in Maracaibo (Vzla), I attended a film class at the university. At that time, filming was a dream, an impossible one. The years went by, one after another. A total of one decade and everything in my path was aiming towards something completely different from filmmaking. However, one day I reconsidered my main goals in life and the answer led me to leave everything behind, and start pursuing the dream, the impossible. Thus, from 2009 to this day, I have been making and producing various audio-visual projects, ranging from the video clip to the documentary, always under three basic slogans: technical competence, professionalism and creativity.

My effort, from the beginning of all my creative facets, has been to delve into the world of imagination in search of a different look, to break with convention.

The road has been long and fraught with difficulties, but I think that every day of this journey has been worth in order to understand who I am and what things are part of the stories I want to tell.