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  • Chernobyl, Home Sweet Home
  • Moonlight Drifters

la culpa

Sara is a mediocre jazz singer who leads a reasonably organized life. One night, after one of her concerts, while driving her car she runs over John, a street artist. The days following the accident, Sara discovers that there is an amazing story behind this man. A totally random fact of life makes two asymmetric lives cross and intersect with each other, leading each one of them to a different destiny, thus giving rise to this story about the unexpected events of chance and the power of friendship.


  • Thomas Hanzon (John)
  • Sarah Quist (Sarah)
  • Fran Allely (John's son)
  • Rafa Martín (Beggar)
  • Paulo Agudo (Beggar)
  • José Carlos Cuevas (Beggar)
  • Massimo Ferroni (Art dealer)
  • Sonni (Musician)


  • Patricia Venti (Director)
  • David Casas Riesco (First assistant director)
  • Raúl Viñambres (Second assistant director)
  • Rodrigo Molleda (Second assistant director)
  • Luis Enrique Carrión (Cinematography)
  • César Martín (Assistant camera)
  • Fermín Armendia (Assistant camera)
  • José Luis Morales (Sound boom operator)
  • Mauricio Vázquez (Sound editor and Sound mixer)
  • Ruth Fernández Cortés (Production management)
  • Verónica Morales Gallardo (Production management)
  • Chus Fernández Sarrión (Production management)
  • Lara García (Production management)
  • Rafa Martín (Production management)
  • Aurora García Rabadán (Makeup)
  • Mauricio Vázquez (Music)