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  • Stephan Mussil
  • José Luis Bernal
  • Luis Enrique Carrión

Stephan Mussil


"I want to find in the image the language of emotions, to me it seems a good way to trust the self-knowledge to human feelings. I believe in the power of image, colors, composition, structure and contrast are parameters that I consider indispensable to transport the viewer into a particular emotional state. "

Luis Enrique was born on June 4, 1984. From a young age he had a great passion for art. In 2004 he devote to study film and he studied at the University Center for Film Studies in Mexico.

Soon after he moved to Madrid (Spain), where he specialized in Cinematography at the Septima Ars film school.

In 2009 he received his first photography award for "City Reflection" and was named one of the best photographers in the same year.

He has also made numerous commercials for "Movistar Sonora", "Crispy Milky", "Phillip Morris","ABC Kit App for Apple IOS", "Bio Univerzoo Ecological Park", etc.

He has also made short films, tv series and music videos. Currently, his most important work as a Cinematographer is "The Cosmonaut", a Spanish science-fiction film that has nothing to do with almost any commercial or independent Spanish film made today. The film's photography makes reference to the movies of Wong Kar-Wai and Andrei Tarkovsky.