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"The Family" is a trilogy consisting of "The father", "The mother" and "The son". Each short film, independent from each other, portrays the pathological relationships between family members whose feelings are torn between hatred and affection. In this way, the family environment is portrayed as a dictatorship that makes all human bond, become a power relationship that abound in punishment and humiliation, mastery and slavery, manipulation and submission.

el padre

Kristine, a 43 year old woman, returns to the cellar where her father imprisoned her and raped her for 24 years. Facing her past will make her relive the most painful moments that she went through and inevitably this will confront her with facts, that she was never able to overcome since her released from lockup.

We are interested in knowing more about topics like "pain", "suffering", "fear" and its consequences on those who suffer. We try to delve into these issues through a story, simple at a glance, but a story that can lead into different directions, without ever forgetting the basis that supports it.

Our aim is to use the deep features underlying this story –and other similar ones- to get into the territory of sexual abuse and thus attract the attention of all viewers on an issue as currently in effect.

el padre making

la madre

With this project we address the overwhelming and pathological relationship between a mother and her son, immersed in mutual voracities of appropriation and coercion. Both characters suffer the horror of having belonged to each other (badly), in a degraded negotiation that does not discriminate anymore between hate and love. Being this is a difficult topic to deal with, because it is well threaded to social scandal, to emotional involvement, to the silence of the aggressor, the victim and the family. Hiding. Isolation.

el padre

Childhood is not characterized by the empathy toward the others, and therefore, in the short film "The Son", we are not seeing scenes of violence and aggression against the child. Here, the off-field becomes not only a matter of style, but a matter of witnessing immorality, and there is no way to escape from it. "The son" is a restless dissection of the family institution and its decomposition, therefore, the transient sensation becomes the only vital aim, and all rational morality merely blocks its realization.