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la culpa

"The Guilt" is about the story of Katja, an illegal immigrant that is condemned and judged by two desperate parents because of an accident at work.

Without moral slogans, "The Guilt" aims to capture the viewer with a sense of uneasiness, that starts from the inevitable descent into the underworld of the main character, when she is pointed as the sole blame for the terrible misfortune that has happened. Katja will have no possible redemption.

I was interested in portraying the defenselessness of immigrant women without papers, away from their family, from their culture, from their language, and the impact of that uprooting of which they are victims, when they are faced with difficult situations that may cause their deportation.

Also, with this short film I wanted to show the public a story about injustice, among many others that occur daily, because if they are not told they will be forgotten, completely neglected and the challenge was to motivate the interest on these events, that happen in first world societies, where people and not actors are those who suffer and generate a reflection in the viewer, about a reality that is closer to what the viewer thinks.