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the age of anxiety

John Cage theorized about the closeness between the music and dance based on chance and mutual independence, and expanded his artistic musical-audio-visual works creating multimedia events, in order to bridge the gap between the ear and the other senses. And, it is precisely from this experience that Cage describes, that our exploration between the sound-motion link begins, resulting in our own performance proposal.

In "Age of Anxiety" the body speaks of past experiences, with the risk of getting lost in fragments, in disjointed movements, in impulses diverted from their original intention, fragmentary connections, unfinished developments, equivocal desires that seem to impute any reference to a collective memory. Viewers witness how the body is linked to a process of deconstruction. Likewise, the accompanying music for the improvisation, composed by Svitlana Azarova, (an atonal piece inspired by Ukrainian folk themes) helps provoke in the viewer a feeling of weightlessness and perpetual anxiety.